Meet Gabe

Growing up, Gabe lived on both sides of the border and spent much of his time in his Grandfather’s TV repair shop in the Chaveña Neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez. He saw firsthand the important cross-border connections and relationships that support families and businesses in New Mexico. He knows that if we’re going to build a stronger economy in New Mexico’s 2nd district, we need people in Congress who will put partisan politics aside to deliver for New Mexican families.

For more than 10 years, Gabe has dedicated himself to public service.

In 2013, after helping build one of Las Cruces’ most successful startup companies, he joined Senator Heinrich’s staff and worked across southern New Mexico to solve problems for New Mexico businesses, communities, and families. He was also instrumental in the designation of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, protecting it from harmful development and safeguarding it for future generations.  In 2017, he was elected to the Las Cruces City Council with over 70 percent of the vote. In this role, Gabe delivered millions of dollars in investment to create and improve parks, updated the district’s infrastructure, promoted policy that created thousands of jobs, and helped craft a comprehensive development plan that focused on lifting families out of poverty. In prior years, Gabe has served as the executive director of the Las Cruces Hispano Chamber of Commerce, worked in public lands conservation, and as a policy advocate promoting child welfare and family wellbeing at the federal level.

But throughout his life, Gabe has also seen that the American Dream his family fought so hard for is slipping away from the grasp of most New Mexicans. An ever rising cost-of-living, lack of economic opportunities for southern New Mexico, a tax code that benefits CEOs and millionaires and punishes working families, lack of investment in rural and Native American communities, and politicians who put themselves and their Wall Street donors ahead of  the communities they are supposed to represent are robbing families of their potential.

But in this work, he’s also seen that the American dream his family fought so hard for is slipping away.

Gabe is running for Congress to be a champion for working families and to build an economy that benefits everyone. Gabe will do this by creating high-quality, good-paying jobs, helping New Mexico families deal with the rising cost of living, ensuring all New Mexicans have access to affordable and high-quality health care, combating climate change, and conserving public lands and natural resources to capitalize on the district’s growing outdoor recreation economy. Gabe believes that the work doesn’t stop until all New Mexicans have meaningful opportunities to raise happy, healthy families and pass on their traditions to future generations. Gabe is committed to fighting for you in Congress.