Nothing but Good News From CD2

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By Paul Gibson

In the last six years, I have interviewed over 300 guests on Retake on the Radio (6X52). I can honestly say that I’ve never interviewed anyone as inspiring and authentic as Gabe Vasquez. It buoyed my spirits — when I was done with the interview, I knew that Yvette Herrell is toast.

My spirits were further uplifted when I heard from Rochelle Williams, founder of Blue CD 2, that the party breakdown in the newly redrawn CD 2 is now 44% Dem, 30% GOP, and 24% DTS. My optimism was further buoyed when she noted that over 134,000 CD 2 Dems failed to vote in 2020 and that Blue CD2 has been working for months reaching out to those Dems to get them informed, motivated, and registered. Please do listen now to this interview and then go to and learn how you can help. They have a robust canvassing campaign on the west side of ABQ, newly part of CD 2. Let’s do this!

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Paid for by Gabe Vasquez for Congress.

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